Employer Groups

In this economy, with the rise of healthcare costs, it becomes difficult for business owners to provide good benefits to their employees.  Many business owners have reduced their benefits package every year due to the rising cost of health insurance.

GoodBenefits offers industry-leading health and lifestyle products and services.  These discounted products and services include but are not limited to dental, vision, pharmacy, ID Sanctuary and roadside assistance.

GoodBenefits is an innovative way to offer benefits to your employees.  We are always on the lookout for cost-effective solutions for business owners.  We understand it’s important to retain loyal and hard-working employees.  Offering the products included in our GoodBenefits packages is a great way to improve employee morale.  The programs can even be a great complement to existing employer sponsored health plans or can be offered as an interim benefit for part-time and/or new employees awaiting eligibility for employer benefits’ packages.